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How to pluck a chicken: Power Plucker Instructions

Step 1. Use your preferred method to kill your bird. Making a small cut on the neck and allowing the bird to bleed is preferred. Completely removing the head is not recommended. 

Step 2. Scald the bird (this step is EXTREMELY important, the Power Plucker will not function without this step). Scalding is done by submerging the dispatched bird in hot water which will loosen the feathers in the skin. In a large pot, heat water to 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit. Submerge the bird in your pot of hot water, move the bird around to ensure all the feathers are loosened. 

Step 3. (optional) Submerge the bird in cold ice water. A large plastic tote is suitable for this step. This is not required but many prefer to do it, because the skin is less likely to tear during plucking or further butchering. 

Step 4. You're ready to pluck! Insert the Power Plucker into your drill or drill press. (low powered drills and screw guns are not preferred). Using a carpentry clamp or C-Clamp, clamp the drill on its side to the edge of your table or work space. If you don't have a clamp handy, a second person can hold the drill and Power Plucker in place. 

Step 5. Turn on the drill. If your drill has multiple speeds, medium speed is ideal. Holding the bird by the neck and feet, slowly move the bird into the spinning Plucker. Start near the neck and work toward the feet of the bird. Note: Large tail and wing feathers may need to be removed by hand on larger sized poultry. 

Step 6. Finish butchering the bird using your favorite method! 

TIP: If you are using a low-powered drill and are having difficulty getting good results because the drag from the feathers is slowing or stopping the drill, there is a solution. Trim the rubber fingers, by 1/2 inch using a sharp knife or cutters. Test the Plucker again. Repeat this process until you get your desired results. The Power Plucker fingers can function as short as one (1) inch, although the speed of the plucking process will be reduced.